All the best for Mother’s Day ❤

All the best for Mother’s Day ❤

In most countries, Mother’s Day falls in the month of May. In Luxembourg it is a bit different, here we celebrate every 2nd Sunday in June in honour of motherhood.

Did you know that Mother’s Day originated in the USA? In 1914, Mother’s Day was officially celebrated as a bank holiday for the first time in the USA. From 1917 onwards, the holiday in honour of the mother spread to Europe and was celebrated for the first time in Switzerland until Mother’s Day gradually found its way into Germany around 1923 and shortly afterwards into Luxembourg.

On Sunday, 13 June, it will once again be “Mammendag” ❤ (Mother’s Day) in Luxembourg.

Flowers, chocolates, handicrafts from the children are the usual gifts,

What will you choose?

You want it to be flowers? Then here’s my personal tip:



Dried flowers, they are the latest trend, last forever and are very decorative. Best of all, mum can enjoy them for a long time to come! You can find a large selection of beautiful dried flower bouquets at Floristik Nonnenmillen in Echternach.



To go with the flowers, a sparkling glass of champagne and a fruity, full-bodied wine

from the Luxembourg Moselle?

A bottle of LA GRANDE RÉSERVE (MILLÉSIME 2015  would go quite well with this festive occasion.

However, if you prefer a rosé crémant, I recommend Cuvée Crémant Rosé from Schumacher-Lethal, the Crémant Bulles en Rose from Caves-Schlink or also  Cuvée Pinot Noir Rosé Brut from Caves Leuck-Thull.

If you’re looking for a good wine, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our online shop, where you’ll find a nice assortment of exquisite wines from luxembourg vintners.



Which mother is not happy about great decorations and candles that smell and make the home seem cosier?

At Deko Malina, there is something for every taste, whether decoration or articles for a beautifully laid table, including the well-known brand “Riviera Maison”, which is only available in the East at Deko Malina, here you are sure to find the right gift.

“Lothantique-La bonne maison”, candles from the Provence, the south of France, smells wonderful in the whole house and these are only available here in Luxembourg at Deco Trend, a very special gift.



My last tip, the packaging! Whether it’s flowers, chocolates or wine, wrap it up for mum with lots of love!
Gratitude, attention, respect and love is the most beautiful packaging in the world ❤

We wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!
Shop24 Team

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