Great deals at Salaisons Meyer!

Too warm to eat warm? 😉

How about ham of the Marque nationale or Le Royal with fresh melon and a light cool Lëtzebéier of the Béierhaascht?




A must for all sausage and meat lovers, the counter of Boucherie Meyer, where quality meets tradition.

Over the decades, Salaisons Meyer has remained faithful to traditional, artisanal production and smoking methods. Today, the company is the largest producer of smoked ham in the country.

In addition to hams, Salaisons Meyer also produces and distributes a wide range of traditional butchery products and sausages made from 100% Luxembourg meat, not to mention its home-brewed Béierhaascht beer.


Salaisons Meyer now offers 10% off all items here on!

You too profit from this great offer


Happy Shopping!

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