Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The Shop24 platform is in a test phase and is offering buyers and sellers its use free of charge.
This period ends on March 31, 2021. From April 1, 2021, sellers will be able to use the Shop24 platform in Billed.
Shop24 makes the platform available to sellers and buyers and rejects any responsibility between buyer and seller.

1. The Shop24 website is an e-commerce platform that is provided by the "Shop24 - Online Shopping in Luxembourg" team and rejects any responsibility between buyer and seller.

2. Shop24, accessible at the URL address www.shop24.lu (hereinafter the "Site", the "Shop24 Site" or the "Shop24 Platform"), is an e-commerce platform that enables buyers to do so to enter into a relationship with sellers who offer products and / or services (hereinafter the "product (s)", "service (s)" or "purchase (s)") included on the site.

3. The buyer is obliged to submit to the general terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "AVB") without restriction or reservation, which is expressed by a confirmation click when completing his purchase on the website.

4. Any deviations from these terms of use must be made in writing and accepted by Shop24.

5. Shop24 reserves the right to change these TOU at any time.

6. In order to be able to access the services of the Shop24 platform, the buyer must be an adult natural person or a legal person.
and must send his personal data and an email address to Shop24 in order to complete his online order.

7. In order to be able to access the services of the Shop24 platform, the seller must be a trader, craftsman, private person and adult natural person and must conclude a membership contract with Shop24.

8. The seller must fill out and sign a "membership contract" provided by Shop24 and agree to the general terms and conditions by signing it and sending it back to Shop24 by email or post.

9. Access to the services of Shop24 is granted to the seller immediately after receipt of the membership contract.

10. Every user undertakes to provide accurate, current and complete information when registering and / or registering on the Shop24 platform.

11. The sellers are obliged to keep their data correct and up-to-date at all times, undertake to provide accurate and truthful information on their contact and address data, including the data for payment processing, and to keep all information up to date keep and undertake to keep the password received secret. Shop24 declines all liability in the event of fraudulent use of the website with passwords that have been disclosed by sellers or unauthorized persons.

12. The seller undertakes to inform Shop24 immediately if there is any suspicion of unauthorized use or abuse of his account.

13. The use of the Shop24 platform is free of charge for buyers.

14. The sellers have the option of offering their products or services locally, regionally or even internationally according to their choice.

15. Shop24 offers sellers the technical possibility to publish content in the form of sales presentations, product presentations, images and animated images on the website.

16. Every user can place an order for a product or service on the Shop24 website, and the Shop24 platform transmits the orders placed by buyers to sellers.

17. Shop24 sends the seller and the buyer an order confirmation with order number in the form of an e-mail in which the information provided by the parties when concluding the purchase contract, such as the type and number of purchases, their descriptions, the price to be paid by the buyer, the The amount of VAT, the shipping costs and the method of payment are summarized.

18. Shop24 undertakes to ensure that the services are accessible at all times. Nevertheless, in the event of maintenance work on the website or the server, website developments or simple malfunctions, access to the services may be temporarily restricted or unavailable.

19. Shop24 reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, or to withdraw from the website the commercial presentation of the seller, which Shop24, under its sole authority, considers unsuitable.

20. Shop24 provides the sellers with internal means of communication on the website.

21. The Shop24 website offers buyers the opportunity to order products or services from sellers on the website.

22. The Shop24 website offers buyers the delivery options and the "Click & Grab" method from the seller himself. The buyer or the person picking up the purchase should have the order number email ready in digital or printed form to demonstrate to the seller their right to withdraw or receive the purchase.

23. The seller undertakes to act in accordance with his legal obligations, the obligations described in the general terms and conditions.

24. Once their orders are paid for, the seller undertakes to deliver the products or services to the buyers.

25. Sellers are obliged to provide a complete and accurate description of the products or services they offer on Shop24. The description must reflect the essential characteristics of the products or services and may be accompanied by images that enable the buyer to present the products or services fairly and truthfully.

26. In the event of the cancellation of a purchase or the exercise of the right of withdrawal, if the cancellation or the right of withdrawal was not made on the Shop24 platform, the seller is obliged to inform Shop24 immediately.

27. Since the identification of persons on the Internet is only possible to a limited extent, the seller is obliged to check the identity of the buyer and the information provided by him with the necessary care. Shop24 does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided when users register.

28. Under no circumstances may the data provided by the buyer on the Shop24 platform, such as name, address and e-mail address, be used for advertising purposes without the buyer's express consent. The sellers are obliged to comply with the applicable legal provisions on data protection, as defined in the general terms and conditions available on the website.

29. The seller confirms that he has read the special provisions set out in the GTC, which apply specifically to the seller of the Shop24 platform, and accepts them.

30. The buyer undertakes to provide accurate and truthful information about his contact and address data, including the data for payment processing, and to keep all this information up to date.

31. When ordering groceries or other perishable products, the order must be withdrawn on the day of the order and at the latest by the seller's shop closing time. Orders placed during the last opening hours or outside of the opening hours of the store must be withdrawn the next working day before the store closes, unless otherwise specified by the seller. If the buyer fails to pick up the perishable goods within the next business day, the purchase will be terminated, the seller regained ownership of the goods or services and withholding the amount paid by the buyer as compensation. The buyer is not entitled to any refund or compensation in the event of the application of this article.

32. The buyer who has opted for the "Click & Grab" process undertakes to collect the non-perishable purchases by his own means within a maximum of three (3) weeks after payment of the order, unless otherwise specified by the seller.

33. The buyer receives a reminder after two weeks. If the buyer does not cancel the purchase within the aforementioned period, despite the reminder, the purchase will be terminated three (3) weeks after payment of the order, the seller will receive back ownership of the products or services and keep the amount paid by the buyer as compensation one. The buyer is not entitled to any refund or compensation in the event of the application of this article.

34. The acceptance of the order by the seller creates a sales contract between the seller and the buyer for the purchase of one or more products or services with transfer of ownership, with the obligation for the buyer to pay the agreed price to the seller.

35. The seller is obliged to invoice the buyer for the price of the order. The price of the item must be paid by the buyer immediately and before each delivery of the product or service. The seller remains the owner of his claim to the order price and bears the burden of collecting claims against the buyer in his own name and for his own account. The seller bears the risk of the bad debt of the buyer.

36. In the event of an order being canceled when such an option is offered to the buyer, the relevant statutory provisions will apply and the agreement between the buyer and seller will be terminated retrospectively. Delivery costs cannot be reimbursed to the buyer.

37. Every buyer has a statutory guarantee of conformity in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. Products that are faulty or do not correspond to the order or product description will be refunded, exchanged or repaired by the seller, at the buyer's option, unless the repair or exchange is impossible or involves disproportionate costs for the seller. In this regard, the products must be returned to the seller in the condition in which they were received by the seller, with all the elements (accessories, instructions, etc.) in packaging that allows them to be transported in good condition, the shipping costs will be the Refunds will be made to buyer based on the price charged and return shipping costs will be borne by the seller. The refund will be made by re-crediting the payment method used at the time of the order or by a discount voucher for the purchase of a different product.

38. The Shop24 website enables buyers to evaluate the performance of the seller with the help of a rating system after the conclusion of the contract and to assess the content published by other buyers. The rating system thus helps to make purchasing decisions easier. The buyers undertake to only provide precise information in the reviews provided and to comply with the statutory provisions. Shop24 cannot check all reviews and is not responsible for the content of the reviews. Under no circumstances may the rating system be used against its objectives. In particular, it is not permitted to assert inaccurate facts or facts that are not related to the fulfillment of the contract, to have oneself assessed or to have such an assessment carried out by a third party.

39. The administrators of the Shop24 website reserve the right to completely or partially delete reviews with inadmissible content if Shop24 becomes aware of them in any way.

40. Product descriptions, works such as texts, photographs, graphics and videos that are used by the sellers to describe their business activities, their business portfolio, their products or services, may not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark rights or personal rights . The sellers must guarantee Shop24 that they have the necessary rights to use and reproduce the texts and photos and / or trademark rights and / or the consent of the rights holder.

41. All publications of products or services, texts, photos, pictures of people, videos, graphics, etc. are subject to the copyright of Shop24. On Shop24 by sellers, Shop24 allows free, non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unlimited, worldwide use (in whole or in part) for the provision of the services offered by Shop24 or for advertising these services on the Internet, on all mobile applications, on posters , in all print media of all kinds, on television and radio (right of representation and communication to the public, right of editing, broadcasting, reproduction in any form, distribution, broadcasting) as well as the right to change or recreate the works and the right to transfer these rights to third parties, insofar as this is necessary to achieve the purpose of providing the services offered by Shop24 or advertising by Shop24. However, pictures of people may not be used for the advertising of Shop24, unless the seller has written permission for such use.

42. The sellers must guarantee and declare that they have the rights mentioned in Article 41 and exempt Shop24 from any liability, exempt Shop24 from all third-party claims and assume all financial consequences as well as all direct and indirect damage that Shop24 incurs in this context including court costs. Shop24 cannot check the legality of all content and downloads made by users in accordance with the above provisions and reserves the right to remove the content in whole or in part if it has knowledge of it (information from third parties), provided that the Content is illegal or constitutes prohibited content or a prohibited activity within the meaning of Article 41.

43. Users are obliged to ensure that their behavior on the Shop24 platform complies with the applicable laws and the general terms and conditions. All sales of goods the sale of which is prohibited by law, in particular stolen goods, child pornography and violent articles, narcotics, all articles that are prohibited for sale to minors, the publication of personal data of third parties, the use of the website for political or religious purposes etc. are strictly prohibited on the Shop24 website. The examples in this list are not exhaustive.

44. Shop24 is not liable for any prohibited use of the services. The user is liable for all claims that other users or third parties may assert against Shop24 due to the prohibited use of the services on the Shop24 platform not fully described in the list and in Articles 41, 42 and 43, and the user assumes and / or on first request, if Shop24 has to make such an advance payment, reimburses all costs that are necessary for the advice and legal defense of Shop24. In addition, the user undertakes to immediately provide Shop24 with all information necessary for examining complaints and defending Shop24 in the event of complaints from third parties.

45. Shop24 reserves the right to block and / or terminate the contract without notice in the event of violations of statutory provisions, third-party rights or the general terms and conditions and to warn the user to restrict the use of the Shop24 website, to prevent him from using the Website and take all other necessary or useful legal measures, such as the submission of a criminal complaint, all at Shop24's sole discretion, even if it is not obliged to do so by law or regulation.

46. ​​Blocked users are prohibited from logging in with another user account or using the services with another user account.

47. The users are responsible for all activities that are carried out from their user account on the Shop24 website.

48. Shop24 is not involved in the contractual relationship between buyer and seller. Shop24 assumes no guarantee and / or liability for obligations or damage resulting from the sale of products or services, payment or delivery conditions.

49. Shop24 cannot guarantee users the operational availability of the services and is subject to a financial obligation.

50. The user contract, which can be terminated at any time by e-mail, is a fixed-term contract for a minimum period that is defined between the seller and Shop24 when the membership contract is concluded. After the minimum contract period has expired, the user contract will be extended by the duration requested by the seller. Shop24 has the same right of termination at any time.

51. All texts, comments, illustrations, works and images reproduced or represented on the website are strictly reserved for the duration of the protection of these rights and for the whole world in accordance with copyright and intellectual property law. Any reproduction or representation of all or part of the website or all or part of the elements on the website is strictly prohibited. The company names, brands and distinctive signs shown on the website are protected by trademark law. The reproduction or representation of part or all of the above characters is strictly prohibited and requires the prior written consent of the trademark owner.

52. For information on the protection of users' personal data, Shop24 invites you to consult the "Privacy Policy" and the "Policy for managing cookies on the Shop24 platform" available on the website.

53. The Shop24 site is subject to an SSL encryption security system and uses all encryption and encryption methods to protect all sensitive data in connection with the means of payment used on the site as effectively as possible.

54. Shop24 reserves the right to unilaterally change the general terms and conditions at any time, especially in the event of changes to the services. The users will then be informed of these changes by e-mail and then have a period of one month from receipt of this notification to indicate their wish to end their membership on the Shop24 platform if they are not bound by the general terms and conditions want. If no such notification is received within this period, the users have legally accepted the amendment to the General Terms and Conditions.

55. Disputes between the buyer and the seller on Shop24 are settled if necessary directly using the messaging tool made available to them via the service or in another way, without Shop24 assuming any liability, not even in the event of the unavailability of the messaging Tools.

56. In accordance with Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013, the European Commission has set up a platform for online dispute resolution that facilitates the independent out-of-court settlement of online disputes between consumers and traders in the European Union: Solve your consumer complaint < / a>.

57. In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, in the case of a purchase from a professional seller, the buyer has a period of fourteen days from receipt of the ordered products or from the date of conclusion of the contract in the case of service contracts to exercise his right to the contract to withdraw with the seller without giving a reason or having to pay a contractual penalty. In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised within the aforementioned period, only the price of the product (s) purchased and the shipping costs will be reimbursed, with the cost of return being the responsibility of the buyer, unless the seller determines otherwise. For optimal management, the return must also be accompanied by proof of purchase and a copy of the invoice or delivery note. According to current regulations, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for certain goods and services listed in article L. 222-9 of the Consumer Code.

58. The buyer exercises his right of withdrawal directly with the supplier concerned via the messaging tool provided as part of the service available on the website or otherwise. As soon as the withdrawal form or the declaration of withdrawal has been sent to the seller, the buyer must return the product (s) in question to the seller within a reasonable period of time, but no later than fourteen days after the buyer has been notified of the buyer's decision to withdraw.

59. The general terms and conditions are governed by the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. All disputes regarding their interpretation and / or execution fall within the jurisdiction of the court at the headquarters of Shop24, unless mandatory statutory provisions grant the buyer the jurisdiction of other courts.

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