Tyre change, when is the best time?

Tyre change, when is the best time?

The temperatures are rising, it’s slowly becoming time to change the tyres, but when exactly should you change them?
The best-known rule of thumb for changing tyres is probably the phrase “from O to E”. This means the period from October to Easter. This rule of thumb makes perfect sense and is recommended. By 1 May at the latest, you should put your car’s “summer shoes” on.


Should you put the old summer tyres back on, or should you replace them completely?

Your trusted advisor at Muller Pneus will give you a complete and detailed consultation on whether your tyres still have enough grip and are safe for traffic, after all, it’s about your safety and that of others.
The legal value of the minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm. However, for safe driving on the road, tyres should be changed from 3 or 4 mm tread depth.




Which contact point for advice and tyre change?

We recommend Muller Pneus, with owner Romain Muller, who stands for professional, customer-oriented and fast service and quality at a fair price.

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