Welcome to retloW!

Welcome to retloW!

BeWo, GIN made in Luxembourg


This quality gin is created according to a new recipe and distilled in Luxembourg in small batches.
The careful and complex selection of botanical extracts makes this gin so special.

Only natural 100% ingredients are selected.


BeWo-Herbs & More

The aroma of rosemary and thyme, combined with various floral notes and a balanced juniper finish, completes the character of this Gin.


Gin-Red Fruits

Juniper and sweet red berries, with a delicate touch of pepper, constitute a real taste experience.



retloW works in collaboration with the distillery Diedenacker, who produces this Gin for them.

The new Gin is distilled from more than 13 ingredients, mainly red berries. Red berries combined with a selection of floral ingredients create a perfectly balanced gin with incredible depth of taste.

The soft and complex taste of juniper and sweet red berries, with a subtle hint of pepper, is a real taste sensation.

Each bottle is accompanied by a suggested tonic for mixing the Gin.

The matching wooden gift box is also available.


Whether black or pink, in both cases, a taste experience for gin lovers!



We wish you a good tasting, say Cheers & Good shopping!

Your Shop24 team

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