Children’s eyes light up with this novelty of the year!

The absolute hottest trend of 2021!


Not only children’s eyes light up, the latest trend of the year is bumpli® POP Fidget.







Do you also know these bubble wrap from the packets? You’ve certainly crushed these bubbles with fun before, and not just as a kid, right? 🙂

Why do you think we feel this urge to squash the bubbles?  Because it’s fun to do uncomplicated things. It’s a simple method of occupation that doesn’t stress you out, but simply allows you to relax.

That’s exactly the fun of this article! The wait for the next package with this foil is over, it’s easier, more practical and more ecological with the bumpli® POP Fidget. 🙂

Fun to play with for children and adults.



It is not only a toy, but also an anti-stress management tool!


This toy is suitable for every age group. Even for the elderly it has a calming effect, it can also be used to treat depression, to relieve stress or for people with obsessive compulsive disorder, it is even used for children with ADD or ADHD.






QUALITY – bumpli® POP’s undergo a strict government controlled quality process. The POP IT’s are made of food grade silicone which is not harmful to human or animal health.



They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Small, medium up to the XXL model.

Get your own bumpli® POP in the Online Store at Christof’s Shop!



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Happy Playing  & Happy Shopping!




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