News from Cep d’Or! 🥂

News from Cep d’Or!


The house of Cep d’Or presents 2 new Crémant de Luxembourg at once. 🥂🥂

The new Crémant Riesling Brut Nature 2016 AOP and the new Crémant Pinot Noir Rosé Brut Nature.


The Crémant Riesling Brut Nature 2016 is a Crémant de Luxembourg with its 100% Riesling grape variety, made by traditional method.

Protected Designation of Origin

2 months on lath before disgorging

​ Brut Nature

Brut Nature means a “Dosage Zéro”, which means no added sugar during disgorgement.

The 2016 Crémant Riesling Brut Nature has a yellow colour with green highlights, its fine bouquet is accompanied by freshness and finesse and citrus aromas.





The Crémant Pinot Noir Rosé Brut Nature is also a Crémant de Luxembourg with its 100% Pinot Noir grape variety and made by their traditional method.

​ Protected Designation of Origin

Crémant de Luxembourg

​ Brut Nature


The Crémant Pinot Noir Rosé Brut Nature has a beautiful pink colour, a fresh palate with red fruits and its bouquet stands out with red fruits aromas.


These two new Crémants from Cep D’Or impress with their fresh bouquets and wonderful aromas. A must-taste!


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