Dr. Juchheim’s detoxification programme
Dr. Juchheim’s nutrition programme is a change of diet. The diet is replaced by a special high-protein diet for a period of 4 weeks.

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Why detoxification?
It is often easier said than done to change one’s diet, detoxify the body and thus lose a few extra pounds. The detoxification programme is a simple application that will help you change your diet without starving yourself and without counting calories. You will eat four meals a day, but you will have to reduce certain foods, such as salt, sugar and alcohol. The first 3 days can be a challenge, but once you have mastered this, it becomes easier and easier to give up.

4 weeks in order to feel fitter, more vital and lighter.

In order to provide the body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plant substances when changing diets, 7 food supplements are also recommended. Compiled by the doctor himself.
The enclosed nutrition programme is described in detail and is easy to follow. In addition, you will receive a book with valuable tips and recipes from Dr. Juchheim, in which he describes, among other things, in detail how our body works during weight loss and how we manage to lose weight without starving to death.

What happens after detoxification?
After the 4 week course, you will have adapted and modified your diet so that it is easy for you to maintain your desired weight.
You will see and feel the physical change.

Do I get any help?
You are not alone, as soon as you decide to undergo detoxification, a counsellor will be at your side.

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