Be my Valentine ❤

Be my Valentine ❤

Every year, February 14 is Valentine's Day and in many countries around the world, this special day is a time to visit your favorite restaurant.
This year, however, Valentine's Day is a little different from what we are used to, nevertheless, or even because of it, you should have a particularly pleasant and comfortable evening with your loved ones.

10 tips and gift ideas for a successful evening!

Order at your favorite restaurant!

Flowers are the language of love, a small bouquet should not be missing, for example at Floristik Nonnenmillen. Among other things, they offer wonderful bouquets of dried flowers, which are not only very elegant but also timeless and last until the next Valentine's Day 😉

A beautifully laid table! A beautiful ambience creates the right table decoration. Not yet the right dishes at home? At the house of Deko Malina, you are sure to find, and it is not only for Valentine's Day, but also for all special occasions.

Gedeckter Tisch, Tafel, Geschirr, Gläser

Don't miss the candles. They make the atmosphere very pleasant. At the house of Decotrend, you will find special scented candles, which are also a gift idea.

Kerze, Aroma Kaffee, Kaffee, Licht

For the aperitif, a glass of sparkling wine, White Where pink ? Discover your favorite vineyard at the winemaker of your choice, for example the Schumacher-Lethal Cellars, the Domaine Viticole Schlink or maybe the Caves Leuck-Thull ?

Of course, good wine should not be missing at the meal 😉 White wine, red wine or rather a rosé? If you can't decide, I recommend a Pinot Noir Rosé, a wine that accompanies almost any dish. You can also find a fine selection of exquisite wines, for example Rene Krippes, Leuck-Thull cellars, Caves Schumacher-Lethal & Schlink Wine Estate.

Wein, Glas, Weiß, Trauben, Getränke

A little gift before dessert? Maybe a little gem or an accessory? Take a look at Christof's Shop, Jewelry Appointment Where Sakanana, you might find what you need.

Lady, Schwarzes Kleid, Schmuck, Kleid

Skin care, a great gift for men too! For this I recommend the high-quality care products from theEau'ceane Institute.

Rasierpinsel, Kosmetik, Rasur, Rasieren

Coffee or tea ?
Luxembourg coffee from Roude Leiw or tea from Grenge Leiw? Maybe it should just be a beer with dessert “Made in Luxemburg” of Béierhaascht Salaisons Meyer.

Kaffee, Pokal, Trinken, Sonnenaufgang

My final piece of advice: whatever the situation we find ourselves in, whatever the ups and downs you are going through, the crowning glory of this special evening is a smile! Smile and the world changes!

Herz, Spruch, Liebe, Schmetterling, Love

Happy Valentine's Day ❤
Your Shop24 team

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