When is the best time to change tires?

When is the best time to change tires?

Temperatures are rising, it's time to change tyres, but when should you change them?
Probably the best-known rule of thumb for changing tires is the phrase “from O to P”. This means the period from October to Easter. This rule is quite logical and recommended: by May 1st at the latest, you should put on your car's “summer shoes”.


Should I put the old summer tires back on or replace them completely?

With your trusted adviser at Muller Pneus, you will get a full and detailed opinion on whether your tires still have enough grip and whether they are safe for traffic. After all, it's about your safety and the safety of others.
The legal value for the minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm.

However, for safe driving on the road, tires should be changed from 3 or 4 mm tread depth.



Which point of contact for advice and changing tyres?

We recommend the company Muller Pneus, owned by Romain Muller, which stands for professionalism, customer orientation, speed and quality at a reasonable price.

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Good road!

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