It's time to change tires again!

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  • 20.09.2021
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It's time to change tires again!

We're heading into fall, which means it will soon be time to change the tires. But when exactly should you change? From October to Easter you need to switch to winter tires. If you follow this rule Tire change for your car, you usually won't go wrong.


Should I replace the old winter tires or replace them completely?


With your trusted advisor, Muller Pneus, you will benefit from a full and detailed consultation to determine if your tires still have enoughgrip and if they are safe for traffic, because after all, it's your safety and the safety of others that is at stake.

In Germany and Luxembourg, the legislator currently prescribes a minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters, and 1.0 millimeters for motorcycles. These are the absolute minimum values, at which the tire should actually already be changed.

Winter tires or all seasons must have a tread of at least four millimeters - otherwise, this is critical in wet, snow or slush.

Where can I go for advice and change the tires?

Many choose Muller Pneus, which is known for its professional, customer-oriented and prompt service, which delivers quality at a fair price.

Find your point of sale:

Contern - Wiltz - Junglinster - Grass

Advice and appointments:



We wish you a good journey!

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