Skin care from 30 years old, what to consider?

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  • 07.09.2021
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What does our skin need from the age of 30?


Between us, we've all committed one or two beauty sins, haven't we? ?
Not removing makeup when going to bed, not drinking enough water, too much alcohol… well, do you get caught? It happens sometimes, and it doesn't matter
However, the day comes when our skin doesn't forgive us so easily. While we used to look fresh and crisp regardless, today we are punished with impurities and dull skin.

It will change from 30 years old

Age is just a number! But I would happily do without blemishes, expression lines and pigmentation disorders, wouldn't you?
The point is: Over the years our skin changes and so do its needs.

Here are my 5 tips for you:

1) Cleaning with Tonic water (without gin ? ) - Used morning and evening, the facial tonic removes all irritating and stressful dirt particles from the skin. In this way, the active ingredients of these products already take an important step towards the care of the skin.

2) Use regularly a Peeling, for example from Thalgo, to cleanse and renew the skin (1x week) - A peel should be used once or twice a week to deeply remove dead cells and stimulate skin cell renewal. If you have very thin and sensitive skin, I advise you to use an enzymatic peel, so that the skin is not too irritated.

3) Serums and their powerful substances such as Hyaluron & Peptides - A good serum provides intensive hydration and can counter the first signs of aging of the skin. Concentrates or special serums against dark spots can have a correcting effect on the skin if used regularly.

4) The good one  face cream, day and night - During the day the skin needs to be protected from environmental influences, while at night it needs support to regenerate. Day and night treatments adapted to your skin type guarantee healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

  • Drink enough water! - By drinking enough water, metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated. The payoff: youthful, fresh skin instead of dull, flabby skin.
Here are my 5 tips for today to keep your skin firm and elastic. 🙂
Our goal should not be to rejuvenate the skin, but to prevent skin aging.



We wish you a good decision


Happy Shopping!

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