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Whether you fly (or plan to fly) a single-engine aircraft, an airliner or even a helicopter, you've come to the right place. This is where the great electronic logbook system you've been looking for is. Safelog has the most features, the best ease of use, and the lowest overall cost of any credible logbook system.

Your Safelog account works on the platform of your choice – Windows PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Web. Whether you use Safelog on one or all platforms, your logbook is seamlessly synchronized between them, giving you unparalleled availability, scalability and disaster protection.

Even better, with just one Safelog account, you can access your logbook on any of the many platforms we support, with no hidden “per-platform” fees, “cloud sync” " or others. We work hard to give Safelog the right combination of performance and ease of use. Tens of thousands of pilots worldwide trust Safelog. We invite you to try a free demo today. You can register your first flight in just a few moments.

Quick and easy flight registration, including automatic night calculation. Legendary ease of use Highly customizable fields.
Seamless passenger list integration for over 500 airlines and operators through our partnership with RosterBuster.Hundreds of reports and analysis options. Highly customizable. Click here to learn more about Safelog's powerful print modules
FAA Currency Tracking* – CFR 14 (FAR) Parts 91, 117, 121 (domestic, international and small capacity), 135 and aboveSignaturePad! (select mobile versions including iPad™/iPhone™ and Android™) – You or your Instructor/Examiner/etc. can digitally sign your flight records right on your mobile device!
Built-in Aircraft Types – Thousands of built-in aircraft types make data entry easy!FAA Practical Test Readiness Analyzer* – be examiner ready – compare your logbook to 14 CFR (FAR) Part 61 and 141 regulations – go from student pilot to ATP in seconds.
Plenty of charts and graphs Fully FAR 61.65 and EASA-FCL compliant
Manage pilot/doctor certificates and qualifications Automatic creation of the FAA 8710-1 / IACRA* form
Native versions available for iPhone™, iPad™, Android™, Mac™ and Windows PC. Our apps are self-contained, full-featured check-in environments, not stripped-down “travel companions”Powerful import tools to help you transfer your airline list, a CSV/Excel file and/or a third-party eLogbook into Safelog. Support for hundreds of airlines, either through our integrated tools or through our link with our partner RosterBuster.
Built-in and LIVE updated database of over 70,000 airports and landing sites (probably the most comprehensive airport database on the internet – linked live to and ability to add your own airports and landing sites (e.g. for glider and helicopter operations)Free online technical support from aviation professionals and an experienced and knowledgeable technical team.
Aircraft and contact manager. Built-in database of over 60,000 aircraft types Support for flights entered before the digital logbook
Industry-leading printing and reporting options, including a wide range of highly customizable instrument approach reports Save photos, logs, comments, notes and more with flights
Upgrades to the latest and greatest version of our apps are ALWAYS FREE.Hundreds of options for airline pilots including block/duty times, flight number memory, crew and more
Export your data/printouts to PDF™, CSV, Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Excel™, XML and many other convenient formats. Online AND offline backups for your security You can even, as an option, access your logbook on the Internet via when you're on the go!

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